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Bent TubeThe primary focus for H-P is the manufacture of multi-bend, multi-plane fabrications with custom end forming operations. Producing multiple configurations in small and medium quantity production runs is one of our specialties.

H-P’s core competency is our bending technology, where capabilities range from 5/8” OD through 6” OD tubing utilizing CNC Rotary Draw bending, and through 10” OD using NC Rotary Draw bending. Additional capabilities include welding, machining, end forming, prototyping and reverse engineering.

H-P has the resources to assist you in introducing new products to market quickly and successfully. These include an in-house tooling and fixture shop and state-of-the-art metrology lab for supplying testing and measurement data. H-P continues to invest in new machinery, tooling and facilities to meet changing customer needs. Through research and development, H-P initiates new processes and techniques to enhance product quality, minimize costs and reduce lead times.

From first contact, to design, through delivery, our team studies your requirements and strives to work as your partner.

Our product engineers are ready to work with your designers, providing input to help design the lowest cost tubular solution to meet your particular application needs. Our buyer planners will adapt our in-house scheduling systems to meet your required delivery dates or special service needs, such as just in-time deliveries or kitting programs.

And if you require PPAP approvals, our quality engineers stand ready to provide the detailed analysis needed to meet your requested submission levels.

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