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Dirt Devil RV Central Vacuum Service Information

Troubleshooting Vacuum System Problems
Installation Information
Operating Manual
General Information
Replacement Parts
Wiring Diagram


The RV-2000 has a blue canister.
The CV-950 has a red canister.
The CV-1500 has a black canister. 

Mounting Method:
The RV-2000 and the first version of the CV-950 used a mounting channel that ran the length of the canister.
The last version of the CV-950 and the CV-1500 use 4 mounting “feet”.

The motor is cooled by air flowing through the system. If airflow is restricted, it will result in the motor running hot, and potentially tripping the Thermal Protector (tied to the motor coil.) If it senses too much heat from the coil, it will shut off the motor.
The RV-2000 and the first version of the CV-950 had a 7.8 amp motor (Part # 7756-01, Ametek 117320). If the thermal protector is tripped, you don’t have to unplug the unit to reset. Just let it cool. The 7.8 amp motor has a ceramic type fuse (250v).
The last version of the CV-950 had an 8.5 amp motor (Part # 8404- Ametek 119858-00, no longer available). If the thermal protector is tripped, you must unplug the unit and plug it back in to reset, as well as letting it cool. The most recent model, CV-1500, motor Part #

The Old filter was a blue paper filter.
The New filter is a white cloth filter- Part #9597, 3 pack (also replaces Part # 7767-W from the previous CV-950 models).

The Secondary Filter (4929) is a thin, white fabric approximately 6” x 8”. It is washable. It is designed to protect the motor if the filter bag (7767-W) fails.

The Filter Support (4928) is a piece of black, porous material that goes between the Secondary Filter and the motor. If these two parts are reversed, it severely limits airflow and can cause the motor to overheat.

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