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Quality Processes

H-P's quality journey has evolved over the past 70 years based on our customer requirements. From being a single source supplier to GM, H-P Products has adapted our quality capabilities to the needs and requirements of our customers.

ISO Certified 
ISO 14001 compliant
Experience in PPAP
Root Cause Analysis
5 Why’s
Material Certifications
Tube and Pipe Cleanliness Requirements
Corrective Action
Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) on staff
Internal Weld Training School
Reverse engineering capabilities (No Prints, No Problem!)
Process control plans:
Level 1 PPAP
Level 2 PPAP
Level 3 PPAP
Level 4 PPAP

H-P Quality Inspection Capabilities
• Four 3-D scanning portable articulating arms
• One Gantry-style CMM
• Large optical comparator
• First part approval process – the first part of every new set-up is scanned with articulating arm
• In-house weld testing capability
• Hard-gauging
• Multi-camera inspection system

SAE J 1726 Tube Cleanliness
This SAE Recommended Practice provides test methods and criteria for evaluating the internal cleanliness and air leakage. This SAE Recommended Practice also provides nomenclature and terminology in common use for engine charge air coolers, related charge air cooling system components, and charge air cooling system operational performance parameters

Why is ISO Quality System Certification Important?
ISO Quality System Certification is important because of its international orientation. Currently, national standards bodies from more than 162 countries support ISO Quality System Certification. This makes it the logical choice for any organization that does business internationally or that serves customers who demand an international standard of quality.

ISO is also important because of its systemic orientation. Unless a company establishes a quality attitude by creating a quality system, it will never achieve a world-class standard of quality. Simply put, if a company wants to have a quality attitude it must have a quality system. This is what ISO recognizes and why ISO Quality System Certification is important

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