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Railroad Tube and Pipe Bends

In March 2008, the EPA finalized a program that will reduce emissions from diesel locomotives of all types. The rule will cut PM emissions from these engines by as much as 90% and NOx emissions by as much as 80% when fully implemented.

The standards are based on the application of high-efficiency catalytic after treatment technology for manufactured engines built in 2015 and later. H-P Products has successfully helped various diesel engine suppliers in other markets with custom exhaust, coolant, air intake and other pipe to meet Tier 4 requirements.

Historically, locomotive pipe and tubes were all cut, fit and fabricated to each train and this process took days to assemble and weld.

H-P’s Custom Pipe Bends Can Help You Simplify By:
• Reducing and often eliminating welds
• Shortening locomotive pipe assembly time (from 10 days to 2 days for one of our customers!)
• Eliminating the need to outsource pipe assembly shops for pipe and tubing
• Eliminating any threat of weld leaks
• Providing a complete line of heat wraps, bellows and heat blankets to meet the Tier 4 air treatment designs

H-P has one of the largest bend and end forming tool inventory in North America. This insures your locomotive engine exhaust, coolant pipes and air intake pipes meet the requirements of our customer’s designs. We bend carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminized carbon and aluminum tubes.

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