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Tier 4 Design

The experts at H-P Products can help you with your tube and pipe Tier 4 Final exhaust design.  Our goal is to help you design your tubes for one-piece construction to achieve the following benefits:

  • Elimination of welds will eliminate potential leaks paths, which will improve overall system efficiency.
  • Elimination of welds will increase the life expectancy of your tubes.
  • One-piece designs cost less than "welded bends."

H-P has invested in the technical staff, equipment and tooling to help you achieve Tier 4 Final success.  Our Engineers are ready to assist you with tube designs and to show you how our vast inventory of CNC bend tool sets, new end forming machines and our SAE J1726 compliant parts cleaning process for CAC tubes will help you reach compliance faster. Let H-P help you with Tier 4 exhaust regulations and requirements!

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Tier 4 Design Help?

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